milky you

sight unseen, shape shift, drip, black and white, bath, pool, portrait, alexa sheila, mead, shiela, torso, skin, milk, body painting, 2d 3d, acrylic paint, space, optical illusion, fine art, oil painting, reverse, model, painter, painted photo, portrait

art by alexa meade!shape/c14j0



image and words textures, intertwine

The 43rd Floor

pondShe is always there. Patient and stoic, the one constant in his life. She stands, and never sleeps; looks but does not see; hears but cannot listen. Someone he can have a private conversation with, and who will never judge him. She has no politics, no opinions. Yet always, in some strange way, when he talks to her, everything becomes clear. Issues become unimportant, problems disappear, and solutions are presented. This place – it is his special place, his sanctuary.

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