beep beep boop

new post

a month since my last 1

new fotos in my gallery

and my featured image

wavey sand

reminds me of life undulating

up ^ down v

Fall is here! (it’s only August!)

The leaves still brilliant green

but not for long

The air temp signals

Spiderweb condos~everywhere

Fallen plums, wanna-b trees

food for so many multi~legged creatures

banking on the annual drop

August 11th,

another of us transitioned ~ graduated

his gift of giving

forever felt

we mostly remember how he made

us laugh, think, feel cared for,

exiting his physical architecture

of pulse and corpuscles to feed

the multi-leggeds who have as

much to contributing to balance

and yes, ennobling

(my newly discovered word)

and the homogeneous

^ and v  undulations

in the wavy sands of time.








“The first week on the job for Nicole Wong, dubbed by many as the US’s first chief privacy officer, has been fairly, well, private.

The White House has named Wong, 44, a former top lawyer for Google and Twitter, as the new deputy US chief technology officer in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. But the appointment came with little fanfare or official communication about her role, even though Wong could have influence far and wide—not only on internet issues, but on foreign policy, trade and human rights. Here’s why”….

isn’t this the best thing ever ! ? !



intention.. choice.. dilemna.. decision.. time..discipline

love wordpress

last rough count, following 12 blogs…

i’m trying different approaches in viewing all the blog posts via the wpr

i’ve also culled a few blogs ..i felt like i cut off an acquaintenance

so much information to consume on a daily basis

commit time everyday to read or post 

its only 12 or so blogs

an hour to read, often isn’t enough, so i rearrange life to read on 

im interested, fascinated, and thirsty for the information and experiences that are shared

they are unexpected gifts .. each individually wrapped with artfully designed paper

some with bows some not  

my brain will  mmmmmmmm and hmmmmmm 

my fav wp-bloggers are consistent ‘n diligent with blogging 


gifts = journeys, a story 

some of them remain unwrapped 

because i’m not a speed reader (solution ! –  learn to speed read)

my brain = cloud storage

less is more 

the more I know 

the more I don’t know

back to blogland then

the day’s  to-do’s

am grateful and thankful so many share all they do

my life is enriched through their gifts