1st 2015 post , 6 mos since my last entry


I’ve deemed myself,  a less than committed WP’er, given my absence, by calendar terms. This is not to say, I don’t like WP or want to spend more time again with WP. Rocks have taken over my life, both for fun and livelihood, as has a few personal friends, but to me this is all good and meant to be. 6 months passing, certainly has accumulated an assortment of events and milestones.  None, World Book Guinness  worthy.  What I do enjoy the most about WP is browsing and reading @ other’s WP sites. With global social internet networking, none of us are really strangers to 1 another, whether its via electronics or otherwise. That  being said, if you spend any time reading geek techie stuff, technology, is advancing very rapidly.

We can visually and audibly connect without being physically in each others presence . Not too far away, the experience 3+ dimensional connection  from @ distance will be next. Since this experience is already present in the movies, and in other special venues,  it certainly isn’t futuristic and will be experience day to day by anyone. Popped corn with yummy extras, optional.

Later this month, I’m going to have a chunk of personal me time. A self imposed Retreat and Rest  what I call “do whatever I want time”.  I sense, there will be a few more WP entries to share.  B well !