faster than a speeding…….



1 petaflop = over 10^15/1,000,000,000,000,000/ 1 quadrillion calculations per second!

I wonder how many are like me. Technology fascinates me and I explore it daily. But   being in seclusion, and removed from constant bombardments, equally fascinates me.

Technology is changing faster than I can or want to keep up with. I suppose thats the or a  goal, leave the majority of us in the dust or dependent on those whom manage to create and keep up with every millisecond of technology change. If I just sit an wait, technology will do everything, including the biocybergenic transformation adaption of my brain.

There’s a thread of discussion that technology will win out over the capabilities of the brain. I’m thinking the power of our mind body spirit is only in its infancy and all the focus on technology is a distractive tangent from the where our real focus needs to be, tweaking and petaflopping our evolutionary untapped abilities.


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