Planet Becquerel


personal commentary: our entire planet.. the air, the soil and the entire ocean is teaming with radioactive isotopes

google search all the various ways  that help to neutralize and detox radioactivity from your body and know

young children and infants need to as well.

Aug. 4, 2013

The constant injection of water that is needed to keep the damaged reactors cool after the core meltdowns of March 2011 are generating a new radiation crisis at the plant that officials appear unable to solve without tainting the ocean and marine life.


Aug 6, 2013

Tokyo Electric can’t stop radioactive flow at Fukushima plant

….”Officials acknowledged last month for the first time that the plant has been leaking radioactive water into the ocean for some time.”…


Aug 10. 2013

Underground ice wall is Japan’s latest hope for stemming Fukushima leaks…

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