the science of oily solutions

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Learn more about how CPTG essential oils are the new way to health and well-being.


6 thoughts on “the science of oily solutions

  1. Your blog is enlightening I have been researching companies to supply my families needs: Young Living, doTERRA, Be Young among other local companies. I have yet come to a decision but it really helps when there is information at hand. My gratitude is yours, Allie.

    • Much appreciation, Allie. Good to research. I’m well versed in knowledge and usage with healthy products of all genres. I’m always open to the next better mouse trap, as well. My quality of life improved yet again, when I integrated the daily use of doTerra essential oils. I’m A HUGE proponent of research/education and doTerra consistently provides both. Best quality life to you. JR

      • Thanks for the quick reply I am waiting for some information from my chiropractor about some concerns I have about YL. So I am still eager to learn about doTERRA. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks Allie

      • You’re most welcome, Allie. Take a look @ this doTerra website.
        ALL the videos are informative. Start with the main intro and health/wellness presentations. Below those presentations are
        customer testimonies and the Vanderbilt study.

        With a degree in Health Science, I joined doTerra because of the integrity of company and their products, their education/research and and my personal success with the use of their oils.
        This company employs professional licensed medical personnel as advisors and educators.
        Feel free to keep in touch with your comments/questions.


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