Dopamine, Serotonin, and How We Become Addicts

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As humans, we tend to exhibit extreme behavior.

We either underdo something or we overdo it completely. We work out too much, too hard or we exercise not at all. We say we are going to make a lot of change all at once or no change at all.

For many of us, it is tough to find the middle ground (this isn’t just limited to health and fitness, the same goes for almost anything else), and for a lot of us, addictions ruin certain aspects of our lives.

Why does a healthy, balanced life seem to elude so many of us? Why do addictions to eating, to shopping, to conflict, to exercise (or the lack of it), to drugs of all kinds… why do they all seem to run rampant?

Answer: Our brains are messed up.

More specifically, our brains are out of balance.

And if we do not…

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