This chilly Saturday morning, I started this post rambling on about tasting too much Vietnamese cinnamon in my heavy mug of fresh brewed hot coffee. My life, a series of constant distractions, (some of you can relate), I employed the backspace key and paused to observe one of my cats…an insider, seeker of attention on her terms, and like most if not all cats (and lifeforms), endlessly curious…a  clear cellophane pkg , with a thin layer of aromatic crumbs resting on the bottom seam, rolled up and tucked behind the framed photo of my Father…she’s bound and determine to have a taste… the crinkly sounds as she maneuvers the cellophane, flip after flip ready to retrieve her new found treat….who knew she craved crispy kale gently seasoned in a delicate coating of pureed parm cheese, cashews, bell peppers, lemon juice and sea salt.  curiosity… a unique trait, not just of cats or humans.


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