sacrificial mutton ~ opinion

Discovery:  I have a standard, perhaps, too high of 1, especially with regards to online ‘professionals’,  who/whom choose to fore go  proofing  the content of:  written submissions via websites, newsletters, comments, replies, and discussions.  I’ve seen-read ‘professionals’ stoutly  defend their right to misspell words and request not to be bothered with my and others’ comments; auto-correct is alive and well, yet misspelling continues. I have this [ – ] much tolerance for misspelling from those claiming to be professional  or on business websites that offer fee based services. I will not be their supporter or customer nor offer word of mouth or any other available referrals.

 I’ve been asked to “lighten up”, don’t be SO critical; mistakes happen, we’re all human. While we continue to be mesmerized with redefining improvements  and sucked into using  the shortcuts of instantaneous technology, spelling appears to be one of the sacrificial lambs on our road to complete telepathic communication and for me, misspelling is  the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ point of no return.

O well…peas, umm err piece  (ah, auto-correct not applicable)  every1


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