raked sand

beep beep boop

new post

a month since my last 1

new fotos in my gallery

and my featured image

wavey sand

reminds me of life undulating

up ^ down v

Fall is here! (it’s only August!)

The leaves still brilliant green

but not for long

The air temp signals

Spiderweb condos~everywhere

Fallen plums, wanna-b trees

food for so many multi~legged creatures

banking on the annual drop

August 11th,

another of us transitioned ~ graduated

his gift of giving

forever felt

we mostly remember how he made

us laugh, think, feel cared for,

exiting his physical architecture

of pulse and corpuscles to feed

the multi-leggeds who have as

much to contributing to balance

and yes, ennobling

(my newly discovered word)

and the homogeneous

^ and v  undulations

in the wavy sands of time.



July 12th a long hot day

an anniversary of a loved one who has since transitioned from his body

this person’s  essence permeates every molecule of my spirit…

and  in the hot stillness, i miss his earthly presence and contact, because, he is  like no othersacred geo

Happy Day, Moms of all Kinds

sooooo I’m back,  and it hasn’t been 4 months ..in fact under a month, exactly 13 days shy of a month, yay me! 

Happy Mom’s Day to you Moms  

and Moms2B  

and the Mom you wish you had instead of your Moms

and the Moms that don’t have to have kids to be a Mom

and the Dad-Moms


Covellite Heart Carving